BAR SOAPS  are made from premium vegetable
gylcerine.  These soaps have no preservatives,
therefore you can take them to the cottage or boat
without a worry about the environment those of you on septic systems it is ideal.

Pure glycerine bar soaps or pure glycerine bar soap
with olive oil. Olive Oil soaps do not have a strong
fragrance but make a great moisturizing facial soap.

Costs are   $5.00 , $6.00 for regular bars, $7.00 (Facial, Massage Bar and Loofa Bar, animal
inbedded ) prices are size dependant.
Loofa Back Scrubber with embedded with Soap $12.00

"BAD FOOT "  it is great for sweaty feet,
athletes foot, corns and callouses. This cleansing anti
fungal deodorizer will help those feet locked in shoes,
$19.00 240ml  

"BAD HAIR SHAMPOO"  This is great for fine or
limp hair also a natural repellent for head lice. Steve
Glavin's favourite shampoo.  $12.00  240ml

BATH SALTS   $22.00 250ml in a decorative glass container in your favourite scent or
**This is a preorder item****
**limited time offer 300ml for the price of 250ml.  

BODY BUTTER  $12.00 120ml, $2
3.00 240ml Choose your favourite Scent

BODY WASH / SHAMPOO $12.00 240ml Choose your favourite Scent

BUG JUICE: Repels Bugs and Insects with essential oils. No additives, no chemicals, no sticky
feeling on your
skin just a fresh clean spray. 120ml $6.00,  240ml $9.50. 750ml $22.00 . Special order 4 L
for 65.00
This also makes a good deodorizing room spray.

CLEANSER $10.00 100ml Glass or 120 ml plastic,
This cleanser not only gently cleanses your face but a terrific eye makeup remover. A little on
a cotton ball, gently wipe eyes from the inside of the eye to the outside. Does not dry out the
area around the eye so no eye cream required. Apply face cream and away you go.

CONDITIONER  $12.00 240ml Choose your favourite Scent

DEODORANT $9.50 , this is a spray on with Essential oils, Witch Hazel, Sea Salt and Glycerin

DOG SHAMPOO $15.00, 240ml With Citronella and Eucalyptus or Eucalyptus and Lavender

FACE CREAM  50ml $25.00, 120ml size available in Oct, Nov December for $50.00, by
Restore with Jojoba, Rose, Carrot Seed, Grapefruit Seed Myrhh & Benzoin helps is for more
mature skin.
Sensitive with Jojoba, Lavender, Chamomile, Carrot Seed and Grapefruit Seed is for the more
sensitive skin. These cream are great for protecting your skin in the harsh winter climate too.

FOOT CREAM ; Peppermint & Rosemary  $12.00 for 120ml, $2
3.00 240ml ,this is a thicker
cream. This is great for sore muscles too as it heats up when you rub it on. Be careful with
sensitive skin areas if using and a muscle rub.

HOT FLASH MIST; Essential Oils, Glycerine and witch Hazel (no alcohol)
100ml glass $18.00, 120ml Plastic $18.00  Reduces hot flashes naturally.

HEALING CREAM; Eucalyptus, Lavender, Jojoba, Grape Seed, Apricot, Carrot, Grapefruit
Seed & Chamomile. Good for irritated skin including burns.**top seller**
$13.00 120ml, $25.00 240ml

LIP BALM; Prevents and heals dry cracked lips with all natural products including Shea Butter,
Carrot Root Oil, Grapefruit Seed Oil. **Also a great cuticle conditioner.
15ml  pots  $6.00

MIST; Natural body mist or linen/air/car freshener  $9.50  240ml Lavender, May Chang,
Headache??!, Bad (This one is great for Yoga Mats, Shoes, Boots, Hockey Gear, Stinky Feet)

MOISTURIZER   This recipe goes on to your skin like silk. Using natural ingredients as preser
vatives this moisturizer is extremely gentle. It can be used a a light face moisturizer and a
body moisturizer
$10.00 for 120ml or  $19.00 240ml

SHAMPOO BAR $6.00 Lavender,  Unscented & May Chang.  Comes in a resealable bag for
travel. No liquids, no problem.

SHAMPOO  $12.00 240 ml Choose your favourite scent. Rosemary essential oil is great for
hair Soothes and Refreshing both have Rosemary.  

TONER; $10.00 120ml Mist which contains floral waters and essential oils, does not contain
alcohol and a decorative glass container

ROOM DIFFUSER; $32.00 Scent your room with your favourite scent with the use of oils and
bamboo sticks (no flame)
. This is a preorder item

All products can now be scented with your favourite see Scents available or unscented