About Us
About Pam's Soaps

Pam's soaps started at the request of friends who would
receive a bar of my homemade soap at Christmas.  They were
having a hard time making it last for 12 months and asked if
they paid me would I make more, and I did. The body product
line followed a year later.

One of the products I am most proud of is the Bug Juice .
The sticky or oily products I was using on myself and the  
sprays we were using on our horses took paint off our riding
helmets what was I doing spraying in on their skin and mine.
After two summers of testing I finally came up with a product
that we could  spray on my horse, dogs, and myself.   The "
Bug Juice" has become very popular with not only the horse
and dog owners but at children's soccer games, Blues
Festivals, camping, fishing trips  and outside parties all
summer long. I have extended the  Bug Juice line to include a

A change to the product line is the introduction of a new
moisturizer.  This all natural moisturizer has the addition of
floral waters and all natural preservatives. You will love the
feeling on your skin.